Patricio Geronimo Mariano (Patricio G. Mariano or Patricio Mariano) was a Filipino nationalist, revolutionary, pundit, poet, playwright, dramatist, short story writer, novelist, journalist, violinist, and painter. Mariano was a Katipunan member. Mariano was the son of Petronilo Mariano and Dionisia Geronimo.

He wrote several Tagalog novels, including Ang Mga Anak ng Dalita (The Children of Indigence) and Ang Tala sa Panghulo (The Star of Panghulo), which is included in's list of the 100 best Tagalog novels. He is most noted for producing the best Tagalog translation of Jose Rizal's Noli Me Tangere.

Early Life and Education

Patricio Mariano was born in Santa Cruz, Manila, on 17 March 1877 to Patrinilo Mariano and Dionisia Geronimo. As a child, Mariano showed a fondness for music and painting.

Mariano received his high school education at the Ateneo Municipal (now known as the Ateneo de Manila University) and at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran. Mariano studied bookkeeping at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios. Mariano received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the Liceo de Manila (now known as the Manila Central University).

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