Shah Azimabadi (Urdu: شاہ عزیمبادی ) was one of the acknowledged masters of Urdu ghazal. He is counted among the illustrious poets of the Ghazal who have made a notable contibution to the growth and enrichment of this poetic form. He Lİberated the Ghazal from the superficial elegance produced by the linguistic acrobatics fo the Lucknow school, and infused into it a spirit of genuine passion and poetry. He was a friend and contemporary of such eminent wirters and remormes as Sir Sayeed AHmed Khan, Shibli, Hali, Akbar, Iqbal, Amir Meenai, Dagh and Hasrat Mohani, all of whome recoginse his worth as man and poet.

Short Biography

Shad Azimabadi was born at Azimabad (Patna), Bihar, India; in the house of his maternal grandparents. He belonged to a rich and respectable family, but because of his carefree, unworldly nature, he paid little attention to preserving, much less multiplying, his material assets. Consquently, in old age he had to pass through a period of economic difculty.

His real name was Nawab Syed Ali Mohammad and he received early education in the oriental style under shah Vilayat Hussain.

He was a whole-time poet, with and inborn gift for poetry. Early in his boyhood he had acquired a thorough grounding in Urdu, Persian and Arabic, which he had learnt from famous local teachers and scholars. He received poetic instruction from a number of masters, including, finally, Shah Ulfat Hussain Faryaad, who may be called his poetic preceptor.

He occupies a distinguished position in Urdu poetry, specially in 'gazal' and 'masnavi'. Besides, he wrote 'marsia', 'qatat', 'rubaiyat' and 'nazm'. He was diffident and discontented and remained frushtrated in life. His poetic sensibility loftly imagination, and sense of purpose kept him isolated.

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