Seemab Akbarabadi (Urdu: سیماب اکبرآبادی), born Aashiq Hussain Siddiqui, was a renowned Urdu poet belonging to the Daagh School. He hailed from Agra where his family had lived for nearly three hundred years.

Early Life

Seemab Akbarabadi, a descendant of Abu Bakr Siddiqui, the First Khalifa of Islam, was born in Imliwale makaan of Kakoo Gali, Nai Mandi, Agra, as the eldest son of Mohammad Hussain Siddiqui, who was himself a Urdu poet, author of several books, a disciple of Hakim Amiruldin Attaar Akbarabadi, and an employee of the Times of India Press, Ajmer. Seemab had said that his fore-father had migrated from Bukhara sometime during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and made Agra his home, however, according to Mohan Lal his great grand father had migrated from Bokhara during Aurangzeb's reign. Seemab learnt Persian, Arabic and logic from Jamaluddin Sarhadi and Rashid Ahmed Ganguli. The untimely demise of his father in 1897 forced Seemab to give up his studies and seek a livelihood first in Agra and then in Kanpur before joining Railways service at Ajmer from where he resigned in 1922 and returned to Agra. In the year 1923 he founded Qasr-ul-adab, a publishing house. He had 4 sons and 2 daughters and the youngest son, Mazhar Siddiqui, continued his work in Karachi and published many unpublished works of Seemab Akbarabadi.

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