When morn's rose-light lingers
On love's hallowed bowers,
And zephyr's light fingers
Awaken the flowers ;
When echo, repeating
Each bird's gladsome tone,
Makes joyous our hearts, love,
I'll meet thee alone!

When Day's course is ended,
And, from heaven's high spars,
By angels suspended
And fastened by stars,
Hangs twilight's soft curtain,
O'er earth's bosom thrown,
I'll hide 'neath this veil, love,
And meet thee alone !

When Luna's soft glances
Illumine the night,
When, as she advances,
The stars steal from sight ;
When mortals are dreaming
Of sweet moments flown,
I'll hasten away, love,
And meet thee alone !

Then to our soul's vision,
In rose-tinted dyes,
Like some fair elysian,
The future will rise.
And —strange ears may ope, -love,
To catch my low tone ;
So, waiting, I'll hope, love,
To meet thee alone !

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