A Women's day of Mixed Emotions

One more women's day will go by

A day of mixed emotions, I feel, as

Some will celebrate the high rates

Of women -- empowerment or entrepreneurs

Some will lament the persistence

Of women -- trafficking or rapes

Some will glorify achievements

Of women in sports or defence system

Some will voice out harassments

Of body politics or body-shaming

Some will rejoice for reservations

Of women -- in parliament or employment

Some will fight to get justice for victims

Of women -- suffering acid-attacks or marital abuse

Some will preach great words

Of women -- poets or politicians

Some will publish great reports

Of women -- foeticide or dowry-suicides

Some will enjoy a celebrating function

Of women -- in corporates or institutions

Some will deride the pulling-down hypocrisy

Of women -- as envious in-laws or colleagues

And so much and so on....

Until the next Women's day

With the mixed facts of

One-step aheads and one-step dragged backs.

Yet, thanks a lot to all who will wish me

Happy Women's day!


Posted @LinkedIn on March 8th 2022.