Your voice, beloved, on the living wire,
Borne to me by the spirit powerful
Who binds the atoms and leaps out to pull
Great suns together! Ah, what magic lyre,
Strung for God's fingers, sounds to my desire
The little words immortal, wonderful,
That all the separating miles annul
And touch my spirit with your kiss of fire!
What house of dreams do we inhabit—yea,
What brave enchanted palace is our home,
Green-curtained, lit with cresset stars aglow,
If thus it windows gardens far away,
Groves inaccessible whence voices come
That soft in the ear call where we may not go!

by Harriet Monroe.

Sonnet Xiv. The Telegraph And Telephone.

FLEETER than time, across the Continent,
Through unsunned ocean depths, from beach to beach,
Around the rolling globe Thought's couriers reach.
The new-tuned earth like some vast instrument
Tingles from zone to zone; for Art has lent
New nerves, new pulse, new motion — all to each,
And each to all, in swift electric speech
Bound by a force unwearied and unspent.
Now lone Katahdin talks with Caucasus;
The Arctic ice-fields with the sultry South,
The sun-bathed palm thrills to the pine-tree's call.
We for all realms were made, and they for us.
For all there is a soul, an ear, a mouth;
And Time and Space are naught. The mind is all.

by Christopher Pearse Cranch.

A Telephone Message


Hello! Hello!
Are you there? Are you there?
Ah! That you? Well,-
This is just to tell you
That there's trouble in the air...
T-R-O-U-B-L-E- Trouble!
In the air.
Trouble in the air!
Got that? ... Right!
Then- take a word of warning,
And ... Beware!

What trouble?
Every trouble,- everywhere,
Every wildest kind of nightmare
That has ridden you is there,
In the air.
And it's coming like a whirlwind,
Like a wild beast mad with hunger,
To rend and wrench and tear,-
To tear the world in pieces maybe,
Unless it gets its share.
Can't you see the signs and portents?
Can't you feel them in the air?
Can't you see,- you unbeliever?
Can't you see?- or don't you care,-
That the Past is gone for ever,
Past your uttermost endeavour,-
That To-day is on the scrap-heap,
And the Future- anywhere?

Ah- that's beyond me!-
But it lies with those who dare
To think of big To-morrows,
And intend to have their share.

All the things you've held and trusted
Are played-out, decayed, and rusted;
Now, in fiery circumstance,
They will all be readjusted.
If you cling to those old things,
Hoping still to hold the strings,
And, for your ungodly gains,
Life to bind with golden chains;-
Man! you're mightily mistaken!
From such dreams you'd best awaken
To the sense of what is coming,
When you hear the low, dull booming
Of the far-off tocsin drums.
- Such a day of vast upsettings,
Dire outcastings and downsettings!-
You have held the reins too long,-
Have you time to heal the wrong?

What's wrong? What's amiss?
Man alive! If you don't know that-
There's nothing more to be said!
- You ask what's amiss when your destinies
Hang by a thread in the great abyss?
What's amiss? What's amiss?-
Well, my friend, just this,-
There's a bill to pay and it's due to-day,
And before it's paid you may all be dead.
Wake up! Wake up!- or, all too late,
You will find yourselves exterminate.

What's wrong?
Listen here!-
Do you catch a sound like drumming?-
Far-away and distant drumming?
You hear it? What?
The wires humming?
No, my friend, it is not!
It's the tune the prentice-hands are thrumming,-
The tune of the dire red time that's coming,-
The far-away, pregnant, ghostly booming
Of the great red drums' dread drumming.
For they're coming, coming, coming,-
With their dread and doomful drumming,
Unless you...
Br-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r- click- clack!

by William Arthur Dunkerley.

Telephone Directory

Mad Queen Aeronautical CorporationCyclone 3030
Mad Queen Chemical CorporationGunpowder 3328
Mad Queen Company for the Manufacture of Hand GrenadesGunpowder 8878
Mad Queen Drug Store of Tonics and StimulantsDetonator 8808
Mad Queen Dynamiting and Blasting CompanyRackarock 4196
Mad Queen Express ElevatorsSpeedway 7898
Mad Queen Fireworks CorporationHurricane 1144
Mad Queen Garage for Vandals of the RoadSpeedway 3984
Mad Queen Hospital for Electrifying the HeartCyclone 5679
Mad Queen Jazz BandDetonator 8814
Mad Queen Laboratory for the Manufacture of AphrodisiacsGunpowder 0090
Mad Queen Lighting and Fuel CorporationGunpowder 4301
Mad Queen Manufacturers of High ExplosivesThunderbolt 4414
Mad Queen Racing AutomobilesSpeedway 6655
Mad Queen Rum DistilleryExplosion 1152
Mad Queen SkyscrapersHurricane 7444
Mad Queen Society for the Vivisection of the PhilistinesThunderbolt 8778
Mad Queen Society of IncendiariesRackarock 2254
Mad Queen Steam Locomotive CompanySpeedway 1010
Mad Queen Steam Roller ManufacturersDetonator 1234
Mad Queen Windmills and WeathervanesHurricane 0164

by Harry Crosby.