Satyendranath Dutta (also spelt as Satyendranath Datta or Satyendra Nath Dutta) (Bengali: সত্যেন্দ্রনাথ দত্ত), a Bengali poet, is considered "The Wizard of Rhymes" (or ছন্দের যাদুকর - chhonder jadukar in Bengali). Satyendranath Dutta was an expert in many disciplines of intellectual enquiry including medieval Indian history, culture, and mythology.

Early Life and Education

Satyendranath Dutta was born in the village of Nimta near Kolkata. His father Rajaninath Dutta, who hailed from the village of Chupi in Burdwan, was a trader. His grandfather, akshay kumar datta, was editor of the tattvabodhini patrika.His grandfather, Akshay Kumar Datta, was a great thinker, Brahmo social reformer and writer who was the guiding spirit of the Tattwabodhini Patrika.

After passing the school leaving examination (matriculation) from the Central Collegiate School in Kolkata in 1899, he received his graduate level education (FA) from the General Assembly’s Institution in Kolkata in 1901. He sat for The BA examination in (what is now) Scottish Church College but was unsuccessful. Although he left the college without taking a degree, his training there helped him immensely for the future. After unsuccessfully to join the ranks of his father in their family business, he quit that to devote his energies entirely to scholarly pursuits.

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