Outside the wind of winter blows,
Outside the thick snow falls,
But Cherry and Brindle and Spot and Rose

Are safe and snug in their stalls;
Up in the barn there are tons of hay,

And thousands of turnips below,
Breakfasts for Buttercup, Midget and May

So-ho, Bossy, So-ho!
' We 're free from the fear of frost or flood,

For the winter may come or go,'
Says the Marquis of Meadows, rolling his cud,

So-ho, Bossy, So-ho!

Up and down in the passage way

There gallops a week-old calf;
Prim old cows look up from their hay

To nudge each other and laugh;
His pretty young mother with pride is full

Affection has set her aglow,
Because he 's a beautiful pedigreed bull

So-ho, Bossy, So-ho!

From Buttercup, Midget, from Cherry and Spot,

Most delicate compliments flow;
From Daffodil, Dewdrop, Daisy and Dot

So-ho, Bossy, So-ho!

After their supper they lie and coax

Each other to tell a yarn
I know that they frequently crack their jokes

Down in the basement barn;
But hush-a-bye yearlings upon them creep

With cornstalk wands they go,
And soon the picnic is sound asleep

So-ho, Bossy, So-ho!
Rock-a-bye Bumble Bee, Brown and Spot,

To the hush-a-bye hills we go;
Lull-a-bye Daffodil, Dimple and Dot,

So-ho, Bossy, So-ho!

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