Robert Fergusson, one of Scotland’s great Poets, Born in Edinburgh, September 5, 1750, to an Aberdeenshire family. His Father, William Ferugsson, was through out his life a clerk in trade, marrying Elizabeth Forbes, whom bore him three children prior to Robert’s birth and at least one after.

Due to ill health from young age (possibly a venereal disease), Fergusson's education was delayed till his sixth year, despite this he progressed through what schooling he had at an admirable pace. It is said that he attended a private school called Niddry’s Wynd, then the high school in Edinburgh prior to obtaining a bursary (allocated to people with the Fergusson name) to Dundee Grammar school (1758-61) and finally at age 14, on to the University of St. Andrews. Where he was denied his degree when he left perhaps due to ill health and/or to support his mother following his fathers death from Asthma.

During his time at St. Andrews, Fergusson was a lively, intelligent young man known for his humour, practical jokes and writing comic verse;

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