The Malvern Hills be green some days.
And some days purple-blue,
There never was the like of them
The whole of England through.

From Hanley straight into the Wells
The road runs long and white.
And there the hills they meet your gaze
Against the evening light.

Against the evening light they stand,
So proud, and dark, and old,
The Raggedstone and Hollybush,
And Worcester Beacon bold.

No matter where you chance to be,
However far away.
You'll see the hills awaiting you
At close of every day.

Oh ! it's a lovely sight to see
The twihght stealing down
Their steepish banks and little paths.
Along to Malvern town.

And maybe on the Severn side.
Hung low on Bredon's mound,
The big red harvest moon will rise,
So lazy-like and round.

They talks a lot o' foreign parts,
Them as has seen them do,
But give me Malvern Hills at dusk
All green or purple-blue !

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