Butterfly, butterfly, where are you going?
'Over the roses into the sky.'
Butterfly, butterfly, there is no knowing
When you'll come back again, so good-bye!

Butterfly, butterfly, summer is glowing,
But with the winter you too must die,
And your frail soul will be gently blowing
Upward to God on a rose's sigh.
Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly!

Moth To The Flame

Moth to the flame !
Fool that you be,
Life 's but a game,
Love is the same,
Better go free !

Moth to the fire !
Madness your' fate ;
Burnt of desire,
If you expire,
Joy comes too late.

Moth to the kiss
Bringing you death !
'Gladly for this
Agonized bliss,
With my last breath
Will I adore
As ne'er before!'
Foolish Moth saith.