William Harris Lloyd Roberts was a Canadian poet, story writer, and essayist.


He was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, the second son of Mary Isabel Fenety and Charles G.D. Roberts. His father was a major Canadian poet later regarded as Canada's leading man of letters. In 1885, the elder Roberts became a professor at King's College in Windsor, Nova Scotia, a position he would hold for the next ten years. Lloyd Roberts grew up in Windsor, being educated by private tutors and at King's College School. In 1895 the family moved back to Fredericton, where Roberts "finished his education" at Fredericton High School.

In 1897 Charles G.D. Roberts left his wife and family, and went to live in New York City. Lloyd Roberts (just fifteen years old) joined his father in New York in the winter of 1899, "and they spent part of that spring, summer and fall travelling in England and Europe."

In 1904 Lloyd Roberts began his own writing career, taking a job as assistant editor of Outing magazine in New York. Soon he was working as an editorial writer for the National Encyclopedia of American Biography. In 1908 he married Helen Hope Farquhar Balmain, of England.She would bear him one daughter, Patricia Bliss (Henderson) before dying prematurely in 1912.

In 1911 Roberts returned to Canada, finding work as a reporter for the Nelson, British Columbia, News. From 1913 until 1920 he worked in the Canadian civil service in Ottawa, as the editor of immigration literature. In 1914 he married Leila White of New York; their marriage would later end in divorce. Also in 1914, Robert published his first volume of verse, England Over Seas.

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