Brother Bard! if dream thou nourish,
Thro' new fancy or new truth,
'Mid the sons of fame to flourish,
Thou must lean on heart of youth.
Youth is eager; youth—elastic;
Plieth both to old and new.
Age deems all, but old, fantastic;
And doth 'novel gaud' eschew.
Youth, as yet of time unthrifty,
Poet's song will stay to hear.
Bent on business grey-beard Fifty
To the charmer stops his ear.

Bring us back your wandering Homer!
Glorious pedlar—poem-pack'd!
Midas old shall greet the Roamer
With a clause from Vagrant Act.
Count not on your fresh creation!
Living Homer begged his bread.
'Twas a second generation
Twined its wreath for Homer—dead.

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