Johannes Helms (November 8, 1828-December 4, 1895) was a Danish writer and schoolmaster who experienced the Three Years' War firsthand.

Johannes was born on Saturday the 8th of November in the year 1828 in his parents home in Esbønderup County. His father, Søren Bagger Helms (1788-1872), was the local rector and his mother, Nicoline Marie Zeuthen (1789-1870), was her husband's second wife. The Helms household also contained a four year elder brother Jakob Helms who became priest and made extensive reconstruction of several Danish churches.

He graduated from Frederiksborg Gymnasium in 1847 and continued onto Philology at the University of Copenhagen that same year. At the time he was a member of the notorious "Studenter Væbningen"(consisting of university students and a regular substitute for the police). In march of 1850 he joined the Danish army partaking in the nationalistic frenzy erupting in those months. He was promoted to "Fourer"(sergeant)before the battle of Fredericia and received "The Silver Cross" for his actions there. He returned to his studies two-and-a-half year later and continued as a member of the "Student Guard" for the remainder of his student-period.

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