Jacques Tahureau, was born in Mans in 1527, and died in Paris in 1555 at the age of 28. He was a French Renaissance Poet.


Jacques Tahureau was born in Mans, France in 1527. He was a good scholar and studied the Latin and Greek languages at the University of Angers. Following this he took part in the wars of Henri II against the Emperor Charles Quint.

On his return to France, Tahureau took up residence in Paris and mixed with a number of poets including Pleiad and Jodelle. In 1554 he published his first collection of his own poetry, which included several sonnets and odes.

The following year he was married to a young woman named Marie Grené. Also that in that year he entrusted his manuscript Dialogues to a bookseller, but was unable to see it published due to his sudden death on 28th September 1555. Dialogues of Jacques Tahureau, gentleman of Mans was therefore published posthumously in 1556 and later republished fifteen times. As the title suggests, the piece is presented as a dialogue between two characters: Démocritic and Cosmophile.

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