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Iñigo Corcuera Regalado was a Filipino poet, printer, journalist, editor, playwright, lyricist, and songwriter of Tagalog descent. He used the pen name Odalager or Odalaguer ("Regalado" spelt backwards with u added based on Spanish ortography), Igini, and Gaolerad, another pseudonym derived from the letters of Regalado's surname. According to J.C. Balmaceda in his Ang Tatlong Panahonng Tulang Tagalog ("The Three Periods of Tagalog Poetry", 1938), Regalado was "one of the later 19th century poets who broke from the traditional forms of the metrical romance and the church verse in order to to forge a new trail in Tagalog poetry."


Regalado was born in Sampaloc, Manila. Regalado was the husband of Saturnina Reyes. Among their children were their namesakes, namely Iñigo Ed. Regalado and Saturnina Regalado. His son, Iñigo Ed. Regalado also became a respected poet, novelist, and politician. Her daughter Saturnina Regalado became the husband of Victor Villamil.

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