Up to her left side leapt infernall Death,
His head hid in a cloud of sensuall breath;
By her sat furious anguish, pale despight,
Murmure and sorrowe, and possest affright,
Yellow corruption, marrow-eating care ;
Languor, chill trembling, fits irregulare ;
Inconstant choller, public-voic'd complaint,
Relentles rigor, and confusion faint;
Frantick distemper, and hare-ey'd unrest,
And short-breath'd thirst, with th' ever burning breast.
A wreath of adders bound her trenched browes,
Where torment ambush'd lay with all her throws;
Marmarian lyons, fring'd with flaming manes,
Drew this grym furie, and her brood of banes:
Then burnt her bloud-shot eyes, her temples yet
Were cold as ice, her neck all drown'd in swet;
Palenes spred all her breast, her life's heat stung
The mind's interpreter, her scorched tongue,
Flow'd with blew poison; from her yawning mouth
Rheums fell, like spouts fil'd from the stormy south;
Her swoln throte rattled, warm'd with life's last spark,
And in her salt jawes painfull coughs did bark;
Her teeth were stain'd with rust ; her sluttish hand
She held out, reeking like a new-quencht brand ;
In her left hand a quenchless fire did glow,
And in her right palm freez'd Sithonian snow.

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