David Matthews grew up in the South Carolina Midlands, lived twenty-one years in Atlanta, came to Portland, Oregon, 1998. For more than fifty years his life has been animated by pursuit of the intellectual adventure and keeping faith with that dream of being a poet he had when he was nineteen (putting it in a manner borrowed from Jim Harrison). Film, running, and cafe excursions for espresso and journal sessions are among his other passions. Chief poetic influences are a European avant-garde tradition that runs from Baudelaire up through the Surrealists in Paris in the 1920s (alas, almost entirely in translation), the Beats (Gregory Corso foremost), and the English Romantics (chiefly Keats and Wordsworth). Poems have appeared in Adelaide Literary Magazine, Bangalore Review, Chattahoochee Review, Otoliths, Quill & Parchment, Ghost Town Poetry Vol. Two, and elsewhere. Essays on assorted topics are published on his blog at Portable Bohemia (

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