When the scheming Fusion few
Sought to snare the Lib'ral crew,
It was plain for all to view
That they wobbled.
And when later in the day
They gave liberty away,
One might very truly say
They were hobbled.

Later on, in caucus met,
They were wont to fume and fret,
And 'tis hinted even yet
That they squabbled.
It is said they fought and scratched,
Till the Fusion scheme was hatched,
Then their diff'rences were patched
Crudely cobbled.

Then, the Commonwealth to rob,
They put up the 'Finance' job,
And 'twas patent to the mob
They were nobbled.
Now their ev'ry word and act,
Ev'ry measure they enact
Illustrates the dismal fact
They've been gobbled.

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