Here she hides, an aged dame.
Here she dreams beside the waves.
Ever baulked of modern fame
And the deep-sea trade she craves.
Tall ships, riding at her port,
Waking her to life anew -
Here she hides, and holds the fort,
Hoping yet dreams will come true.

Charming lady, dignified,
Proud, hospitable and kind;
With full half her rights denied.
Here she waits, and calls to mind
Pictures of the olden days
When the whalers, sailing down
To her quiet waterways
Gave first promise to her town.

First came Dutton - half forgot
To establish well her claim
As the land's historic spot.
After him stout Henry came;
Followed Major Mitchell then,
Pushing forward with the task
Still she waits, denied by men
All she has a right to ask.

But Dame Portland is not done;
For her pioneering blood
Yet shall have ambition won,
And her fortunes at the flood.
Tall ships riding at her port
Thriving life about her strand;
She, the storehouse and the fort
Of her fertile hinterland.

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