What inspires us is so unpredictable and random! The best lines just happen to us.

However poems happen under certain circumstances.

Finding inspiration

“I can't write poems anymore… It's a disaster!” - you are exclaiming. Calm down.

Follow these tips.

Take it easy

Don't stare at a blank piece of paper. You needn't force yourself to write a masterpiece here and now.

Maybe, flight of imagination is impossible because of your anxiety. Being upset about unsuccessful attempt of writing, even a great poet won't be able to work wonders.

You'd better go for a walk. When you walk, think of unimportant things.

Pay attention to people, birds, flowers.

Interact with the world

As stated above, poems base on experience from everyday life. You need strong emotions, an event that will attract your five senses.

Do something for the first time. Have you ever done a parachute jump?

Try it and work out your feelings.

Spend time conversing with your old friend who you haven't seen for ages or make a date with your ex-lover.

Heal yourself with art

Look through some poetry books. If you haven't got any books of poems, use our site. We would advise reading:

What about visiting a poetry meeting and being surrounded by people who are as in love with literature as you are?

Art is not only verses. Listen to music, go to an art gallery for new ideas.

Learn literary devices

Appetite comes with eating.

Try writing a close form poem (a rubaiyat, a sonnet etc.) without a grand purpose, just for training. Use a new poetic device such as synecdoche, oxymoron, litotes.

There is every reason to believe that you will get inspired thanks to exercises.

Improve your Self-Esteem

Some authors are too self-critical. Having written one bad poem, they decided to give up writing.

Cheer yourself up!

Publish a “tried” poem you wrote a long time ago for feedback. There are many poetry forums where people are kind to rookies.