When Midget was a puppy
And to the farm was brought,
She found that there were many things
A puppy must be tought.
Her mother oft had told her
The first thing to be known
Was how to gnaw and bite, and thus
Enjoy a toothsome bone.
So Midget practiced biting
On everything around,
But that was not approved at all,
To her surprise, she found.
The farmer spoke severely,
Till Midget shook with fright;
The children shouted 'No, no, no!
Bad Midget! Mustn't bite! '
'Twas just the same with barking;
At first they all said 'Hark! '
Whenever Midget tried her voice;
'Good puppy! That's it! Bark! '
But then, as soon as Midget
Could sound a sharp 'Bow-wow! '
Alas! the talk was changed to 'Hush!
Such noise we can't allow! '
Now wasn't that a puzzle?
It seemed a problem dark
That it was right and wrong to bite
And right and wrong to bark.
A puppy's hardest lesson
Is when to bark and bite;
But Midget learned it, and became
A comfort and delight.