''For the poison of hatred seated near the heart doubles the burden for the one who suffers the disease; he is burdened with his own sorrow, and groans on seeing another's happiness.''
''I willingly speak to those who know, but for those who do not know I forget.''
''A dreamlike feebleness by which the blind race of man is hampered.''
''But ancient insolence is wont to bear an insolence that has its youth among human miseries, sooner or later, when the fixed time of birth is come.''
''And in this too profit begets profit.''
''And one who is just of his own free will shall not lack for happiness; and he will never come to utter ruin.''
''For Hades is mighty in calling men to account below the earth, and with a mind that records in tablets he surveys all things.''
''We must pronounce him fortunate who has ended his life in fair prosperity.''
''For children preserve the fame of a man after his death.''
''You shall learn, though late, the lesson of how to be discreet.''
''I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery.''
''The unenvied man is not enviable.''
''The field of doom bears death as its harvest.''
''Inscribe it in the remembering tablets of your mind.''
''Champing against the bit as a new-yoked colt, you struggle and fight against the reins.''
''It is an ill thing to be the first to bring news of ill.''
''I say you must not win an unjust case by oaths.''
''Willingly no one chooses the yoke of slavery.''
''We should know clearly before we discuss this matter; to guess is one thing, to know clearly another.''
''For the marriage bed ordained by fate for men and women is stronger than an oath and guarded by Justice.''
''For somehow this disease inheres in tyranny, never to trust one's friends.''
''For the impious act begets more after it, like to the parent stock.''
''Who apart from the gods is without pain for his whole lifetime's length?''
''It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath.''
''The will was of Zeus, the hand of Hephaestus.''
''But I must bear my destiny as best I can, knowing well that there is no resisting the strength of necessity.''
''Or don't you know, so exceedingly clever as you are, that a vain tongue must pay the penalty?''
''When strength is yoked with justice, where is a mightier pair than they?''
''A god implants in mortal guilt whenever he wants utterly to confound a house.''
''Since long I've held silence a remedy for harm.''
''You are by nature much better at advising others than yourself. I draw my proof from deeds not words.''
''What atonement is there for blood spilt upon the earth?''
''To mourn and bewail your ill-fortune, when you will gain a tear from those who listen, this is worth the trouble.''
''But when once the earth has sucked up a dead man's blood, there is no way to raise him up.''
''When a tongue fails to send forth appropriate shafts, there might be a word to act as healer of these.''
''May dawn, as the proverb goes, bring happy tidings coming from her mother night.''
''These things are not inscribed in tablets, not sealed in the folds of papyri, but you hear them clearly from the tongue in a free mouth.''
''You have been trapped in the inescapable net of ruin by your own want of sense.''
''Justice turns the scale, bringing to some learning through suffering.''
''The rest I keep silent; a great ox stands on my tongue.''
''From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.''
''For know that no one is free, except Zeus.''
''The words of truth are simple.''
''I say that the dead are slaying the living.''
''If you will take me as your teacher, you will not kick against the pricks.''
''What good is it to live a life that brings pains?''
''Never in misfortune nor in prosperity may I share my dwelling with the tribe of women.''
''Base men who prosper are unenviable.''
''The saying goes that the gods leave a town once it is captured.''
''The best by far is to marry in one's own rank.''
''If a man suffers ill, let it be without shame; for this is the only profit when we are dead. You will never say a good word about deeds that are evil and disgraceful.''
''Death is easier than a wretched life; and better never to have born than to live and fare badly.''
''For this is the mark of a wise and upright man, not to rail against the gods in misfortune.''
''Bonds and the pangs of hunger are excellent prophet doctors for the wits.''
''Whoever is new to power is always harsh.''
''For the lips of Zeus do not know how to lie, but bring to fulfilment every word.''
''There is a moment when god honors falsehood.''
''Be bold and boast, just like the cock beside the hen.''
''And she, after swan-like singing her last and dying song, lies beside him, her lover.''
''Mourn for me rather as living than as dead.''
''Zeus is the air, Zeus the earth, Zeus all things and what transcends them all.''
''Like a bad doctor who has fallen down sick you are cast down, and cannot find what sort of drugs would cure your ailment.''
''For insolence, once blossoming, bears its fruit, a bushel of doom, from which it reaps a tear-filled harvest.''
''Overly persuasive a woman's ordinance spreads far, traveling fast; but fast dying a rumor voiced by a woman perishes.''
''Striking his former happiness against the reef of justice he has perished unwept for and unseen.''
''But time growing old teaches all things.''
''For he does not wish to seem but to be just.''
''For hostile word let hostile word be paid.''
''There is no disgrace in an enemy suffering ill at an enemy's hand, when you hate mutually.''
''For a murderous blow let murderous blow atone.''
''Fear hurries on my tongue through want of courage.''
''Know yourself and fit yourself to new fashions. For there is a new ruler among the gods.''
''Search well and be wise, nor believe that self-willed pride will ever be better than good counsel.''
''Ares, gold-changer of bodies.''
''What exists outside is a man's concern; let no woman give advice; and do no mischief within doors.''
''Don't you know this, that words are doctors to a diseased temperment?''
''By Time and Age full many things are taught.''
''Know not to revere human things too much.''
''Self-will in the man who does not reckon wisely is by itself the weakest of all things.''
''Neither a life of anarchy nor one beneath a despot should you praise; to all that lies in the middle a god has given excellence.''
''Making it a valid law to learn by suffering.''
''It is good even for old men to learn wisdom.''
''For it would be better to die once and for all than to suffer pain for all one's life.''
''We have a man who does not boast, but whose hand sees what must be done.''
''It is a light thing for whoever keeps his foot outside trouble to advise and counsel him that suffers.''
''On him who wields power gently, the god looks favorably from afar.''
''I know that men in exile feed on hopes.''
''"Let the doer suffer;" so goes a thrice-old saying.''
''And though all streams flow from a single course to cleanse the blood from polluted hand, they hasten on their course in vain.''
''Oaths are not the credit of men but men of oaths.''
''The evils of mortals are manifold; nowhere is trouble of the same wing seen.''
''Relentless persuasion overbears him, irresistible child of forecounseling destruction.''
''The one knowing what is profitable, and not the man knowing many things, is wise.''
''As long as there are men the bulwark is safe.''
''We shall perish by guile just as we slew.''
''If you pour oil and vinegar into the same vessel, you would call them not friends but opponents.''
''Bronze in the mirror of the form, wine of the mind.''
''Justice shines in very smoky homes, and honors the righteous; but the gold-spangled mansions where the hands are unclean she leaves with eyes averted.''
''You wish to be thought to act justly than to do so.''
''Ares gives his verdict without witnesses.''
''Of prosperity mortals can never have enough.''
''But from the good health of the mind comes that which is dear to all and the object of prayer—happiness.''
''Shoals of corpses shall witness, mute, even to generations to come, before the eyes of men that we ought never, being mortal, to cast our sights too high.''
''Nor does the man sitting by the hearth beneath his roof better escape his fated doom.''
''For there is no defense for a man who, in the excess of his wealth, has kicked the great altar of Justice out of sight.''
''The man who does ill must suffer ill.''
''Of all the gods only death does not desire gifts.''
''Memory, workmaid and mother of the Muses.''
''Alas for the affairs of men! When they are fortunate you might compare them to a shadow; and if they are unfortunate, a wet sponge with one dash wipes the picture away.''
''The anvil of justice is planted firm, and fate who makes the sword does the forging in advance.''
''I, schooled in misery, know many purifying rites, and I know where speech is proper and where silence.''
''In the lack of judgment great harm arises, but one vote cast can set right a house.''
''Obedience is the mother of success, and success the parent of salvation.''
''It is best for the wise man not to seem wise.''
''Unions in wedlock are perverted by the victory of shameless passion that masters the female among men and beasts.''